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Finance & Accounting / Strategy / Tax

Independant Director / Coaching / Crypto

Senior tax manager in big 4 and in bank industry (10 years) before jumping to a high-level position in a worldwide leader digital economy group Audrey knows how to make theory into practice in faster evolving environment. During those years in big firms Audrey still managed to keep an entrepreneur spirit and was many times solicitated to help and advice start up and SME’s to optimize their tax and financial situation in period of restructuring, joint-venture or exit. She eventually decided to fly on her own and decided to set up her own consulting boutique, yearning for more flexibility and agility for the benefit of her partners and clients.

In parallel Audrey felt the promising trend of blockchain technology and the positive impact it will have on every economic sector, including financing and fund-raising (i.e. via Initial Coin Offering). Such disruptive method however need clarification and legal framework and Audrey currently participates in working group in Luxembourg and Europe to speed up such process.

Former high-level tennis player Audrey knows how to handle sharp competition with serenity, key quality to team up to your success stories.

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